Hidden Valley, a former Formula 1 circuit in Darwin, is the place where the qualification of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge takes place on the 5th of October. The team which manages to drive the fastest lap, will be the first to start on the 6th of October. Today was the first day that the race track was open. Solar cars could be tested and all the teams were able to explore the track.


Driver Erik had a good day of testing with The RED Engine. “Our solar car is built to drive 3000 kilometres straight on, instead of quick turning. The laps are driven controlled, we don’t want to force anything”, said the driver who will drive the qualification next Saturday. The track was detailedly explored, using a computer race game. “It is nice to know the race track in advance. Thereby, we can focus the ideal line during the testing, to drive an optimal time at the qualification.” During the first day on the circuit, a top speed of 126,5 km/h was achieved.


The three sessions, consisting of several rounds, went successful and give confidence in a good result on Saturday. Between the heats, The RED Engine was checked and the driver’s prestations were evaluated. A day at Hidden Valley is very impressive for the whole team. Race leader Jelle: “Magnificent to be here, see other solar cars drive, and talk with the other teams about their progress.” In the next days, the circuit is open, so that all the teams can drive their test rounds.


On Wednesday, the static scrutineering is scheduled for Solar Team Twente. During this technical test, the organization will check whether The RED Engine meets the regulations and safety requirements. Additionally, the convoy cars will be prepared for the race this week. Only 5 days left until the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge!



Photo’s: Joost van Baars Photography