Fiekke_HillerstromHave you wondered if you can bake pancakes with coconut milk? Don’t try it, it doesn’t work that well. Have you ever tried to boil an egg inside a thermos? Yeah, it will work. Have you ever questioned if you are allowed to use a drawing as a signature? Do animals have their own music? Every day I keep myself wondering about the strangest kind of things.

I learned that it can be a good thing to have a critical mind, ask questions, get strange ideas, seek possibilities and test your new ideas. Questioning and testing things, makes you explore the world. Sometimes there is only one way to find out and that is to try it out!

Diverse project

Solar Team Twente is more than building a solar powered car. We are building a car together and challenge each other to be precise and creative. It is a project about new techniques, development, commitment, perseverance and working together as a team. It is also a project about questioning, wondering and investigation.

Jérôme Wassenaar-Schaalmodel

The scalemodel of our solarcar for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in October.

Get to know the basis
Many times I have asked the guys from mechanics and structural design to explain their concepts and choices to me in a simple way, to make sure that I would understand it and be able to discuss about it. Due to their explanation, I can ask them critical questions from my point of view. However, these simplistic  questions and explanations makes them think about their design in a basic way as well. The other way around, they let me think about my decisions and considerations, by the remarks and observations from their point of view. They can convince me every time  about their design choices and this makes me even more content about our solar car.


Questioning the world around you
When you are not sure about something, the best solution is to gather as much information as possible, to be able to make the best choice out of it. This could be about choices considering safety, durability or efficiency. An example is the trade-off between reducing power losses and adding extra weight, but also choosing the best production techniques to get the best quality of the car.

We work together as a team and use the knowledge and feedback of former team members and our partners, in this way we will be able to get the highest quality for our solar car. Former members gave valuable feedback on our ideas and suggested focus points to work on. The knowledge of our partners helps us to investigate new techniques and possibilities.

This inquisitive nature of the project makes it an ultimate opportunity and challenge for me. Although I will always have my critical questions and remarks, the questions about daily amazements cannot be stopped. The world is too amazing to stop wondering!

Curious about our new solarcar? Friday the 26th we present our new solarcar. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Are you in Twente the 26th? Come visit our Out of the Box Festival at Vliegveld Twenthe and follow the revelation of the solarcar live!