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VIP Speed Dates

Meet the top of the business life of this region during the VIP Speed Dates. Sign up and talk to 2 or 3 companies in half an hour. The following companies are joining the VIP Speed Dates:

VDL ETG, VIRO, IMS, TRIMM, Reden, Takeaway, Super-B, Fokker



Do you want to get to know a company better or learn some skills for your future career? Then you can join one (or more) of the following sessions.

Workshop by Strukton

POSS® Monitoring System. POSS® continuously and remotely monitors the condition of essential assets in the railway infrastructure and rolling stock. It has proven to be a powerful tool to support assets management, optimize maintenance and increase the availability. POSS® is the only railway asset monitoring system in the world that uses the Internet cloud principle. Roel Westenberg will give an insight on the techniques behind the POSS® Monitoring System developed by Strukton Rail.

Workshop by Wimm

WIMM is a non-profit organisation that is focused on keeping talent and talent development in de region of Overijssel. WIMM is committed in connecting SMEs with students from different schools and universities. In addition, we want to guide students during their studies and careers through personal development and helping them with making the right choices within their career.Within WIMM we focus on personal development of people and we also want to focus on that within our workshop. We are going to work with the IKIGAI phenomenon. According to Japanese tradition, everyone has an IKIGAI, a reason for existence. It is one of the secrets for a long, happy and healthy life, as the people of Okinawa lead. More healthy and active habitants live on this Japanese island than anywhere else in the world. By using IKIGAI, people can be assisted in making the right career choices.

Pitch by DEMCON

DEMCON will give a Pecha Kucha presentation to tell you all the ins and out about DEMCON and working at their company!

LinkedIn workshop by Saxion

Let LinkedIn work for you! In this workshop you’ll learn how to use LinkedIn and how to get started with your profile. Learn how to make recruiters/employers find you, build your network and how to find jobs.

MKB Technology Scholarship

What if I would like to continue working in Twente after my graduation and get to know more about interesting SME companies in the region? To encourage students from University of Twente to kickstart their career in Twente, Rabo Bank and University of Twente join efforts in a new SME-Initiative.

Join the workshop and find out if this approach will work for you. Ten SME companies from Twente are providing SME-Technology scholarships to a selection of ten Master students from University of Twente for a period of 1 or 2 years. In return for receiving this scholarship, students are expected to participate in the SME-Technology Knowledge Community with an active contribution in workshops, challenges, company visits and networking events.In this meeting you will hear more about the background of this initiative and experiences of students who participated in a pilot programme last year. Deputy from the province of Overijssel will open the session by emphasizing the importance of bridging the gap between university and industry in Twente.

Workshop by VDL ETG

PAMELA(Placement Automatic Magnets Ever Lasting Accuracy) is a completely automated system that magnetizes and places roughly 2800 magnets of different shapes(triangles, squares, and rectangular) and dimensions onto a frame of 2000X1500 mm. PAMELA glues the magnets in place in specific pre-defined patterns with an accuracy of ± 0,05 mm. Individual magnets can have a pulling force up to 1400 N combining to a total force of 120 tonnes for the finished magnet plate. The magnets must be placed in such a manner that the levelness of the entire surface of the magnet plate does not exceed 0,1 mm.The current PAMELA uses a gripper to grip and place magnets but in the new design this is not possible anymore. The magnets have to be placed without gripping the sides of the magnet. The goal of the brainstorm session/workshop is generating out of the box concept solutions for this challenging design problem.

The success story of Kees Koolen

In 1988 Kees Koolen started his first company. 10 years later, in 1997, Koolen invested in where he was COO from 2001-2008, CEO until 2011 and Chairman until 2014. In 2012 Kees got involved with Uber. Koolen supported Uber to expand international outside the US and established the headquarters of Uber International in Amsterdam. Kees Koolen is the only person that completed the Dakar race in every category, in 2017 he was world champion cross country rallies on a quad. Currently he is the CEO of Koolen Industries, a smart energy company that wants to facilitate the energy transition and provide clean, affordable, reliable energy available for everyone.

The next big trend Kees Koolen wants to play a role in is the energy transition. Big trends are predictable. If you see such a trend it’s your own choice if you want to be successful in that sector. Success requires understanding of the trend, the technology behind it and imagination of the future customer needs. Once you understand the details of the trend, you imagine the size of the opportunity, picture the long term future and plan your path to a leading future position. To get there you have to work hard, iterate a lot and build the best team. Kees will illustrate his vision with examples from his racing experience in the Dakar rally.

Workshop by TKH

TKH Group NV (‘TKH’) is an internationally operating, innovative technology company with its registered office in the Netherlands. The technology base covers four core technologies: vision & security, mission-critical communication, connectivity and smart manufacturing. These core technologies are combined in integrated systems and solutions in three business segments: Telecom, Building and Industrial Solutions. As part of the TKH Group NV, VMI, TKF and TKH Airport Solutions are present today. VMI is the market leader in production machinery, TKF is technologically leading supplier of connectivity solutions and TKH Airport Solutions has a smart connectivity technology for Airfield Ground Lighting and developer of CEDD (Contactless Energy Data Distribution). One of the engineers will provide the presentation. The presentation will focus on a few of our innovations and how we collaborate and combine our techniques as a group. Are you ready for the future?

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