The ingredients of the race seem to be simple: one solar car and the light of the sun. The hours of sunshine are great in Australia and Red One is on its way. That’s about it, right? Well, uhm…no! The solar car is the showpiece of the race, but it certainly isn’t a one-man show! Today’s topic: who tags along during the race?

From driving to racing
Winning the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge isn’t about individualism. The solar car could cruise down the outback without the convoy, but we are not in Australia to be a Sunday driver! Everyone in the convoy has his/her own responsibilities to make a difference in the race, the goal is to push the solar car to its maximum. The convoy serves the solar car and takes driving to a whole new level: racing.

Expertise from others
Not all the people are Solar Team Twente members, external specialist will support the team as well. The meteorologist analyzes the weather forecast before and during the race. Wubbe Jan Velthuis from Thales Nederland will be the team coach.  The role of the road and route explorer, the scout, will be fulfilled by a team member or former team member. Haico Stegink (former member) will be assisting this.

We have service cars with team members and former team members who will be contacted for the control stops and maintenance of the solar car during the race. The truck driver will transport the container. Three media cars with two photographers and a cameraman will make spectacular shots of the race (Allus Media). The escort will guide Red One, the DMU follows the solar car and makes strategic decisions for the race.

In total, 35 people will participate  the convoy. Red One and the members of the convoy will make the difference, together. Nobody can achieve success alone!

Updates Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2015
Curious about the current situation of Solar Team Twente? Take a look at this page for updates.


Photo header: Jérôme Wassenaar, Photo in text: Gijs Versteeg