Apply for Solar Team Twente 2024

Do you like challenging yourself? Do you want to lay the groundwork for a new phase of Solar Team Twente and take part in a challenging race? Are you ready for an amazing experience called Solar Team Twente?

Innovation is in Solar Team Twente’s DNA. Since 2005 we have been pushing the limits of solar racing at the World Solar Challenge. Nowadays, this engineering innovation has become increasingly complex and demanding. In the past, the team was able to perform all innovative projects simultaneously with designing, building and testing the new solar car. However, due to increasing complexity today the team has seen that more and more it has to choose between the two. This is why the team has chosen to launch an innovation team for Solar Team Twente. This team will perform the most innovative and challenging engineering projects that Solar Team Twente has to complete and test these new innovations in a completely new race in a new country.

In September 2023, a new group of students from Saxion Hogeschool and the University of Twente will start their adventure as the very first Innovation Team of Solar Team Twente! They will start a new phase of Solar Team Twente to drive forward the pursuit of innovation. Do you want to be part of this team? Will you take on the challenge?

If you want to be a part of this great adventure, send your CV and a motivational letter (Dutch or English) to! Make sure to send in your application before the 31st of March. If you have any questions regarding the application process, feel free to contact us via or visit our interest drinks:

  • 17th of March16:00 h – Future Factory, Enschede
  • 24th of March16.30 h – Kanaalstraat 235, Enschede


Management Team

Team Manager

As the team manager you are responsible for the whole project. Together with the other members of the management team (MT) you determine the goals of the project, monitor the overall planning and progress and you look for solutions to problems that occur.

You are the face of the team and hence, you will regularly give presentations or speak to the press. In addition, you are the first contact for most big stakeholders of the project, such as the Foundation, the Committee of Recommendation, the core supervisors, the organization of the Solar Race and some of the biggest sponsors. You are responsible for keeping the stakeholders happy. Communication skills and a clear vision are therefore important for the team manager. Affinity with sponsoring and commercial insights are a big plus.

The team manager takes the lead in the development of the team. You know what is going on within the team and it is important to talk to all team members. Coaching and motivating are keywords for this. You discuss problems within the team with the management team and together you think of solutions. If the management team cannot figure it out, the team manager ultimately makes the decision.

Does this description sound like you? Maybe you could be the next team manager of Solar Team Twente!

Are you curious and do you want to know more? Mail to and all your questions will be answered.

Secretary, Finance and Logistics

As Secretary, Finance and Logistics you are part of the Management Team (MT). As you might guess you are responsible for three domains. Within the management team you have a more independent role, since you don’t lead your own team. It is important to be able to look at problems objectively and come up with (out-of-the-box) solutions. From the management team you are the most flexible in your activities. Hence you will often find yourself supporting the other managers were necessary.


The smallest function in your portfolio is the role of secretary. You are responsible for the structuring and spreading the information flow within the team. This includes making minutes of meetings as well as administering the email and phone server as well as the physical mail. Furthermore you will be arranging the insurance policies and the activism scholarships for your team members.


As financial manager you will be responsible for making the budget. You will do this based on the settlement of the previous edition and the project goals you make with the rest of the MT. The budget includes many items that you monitor and discuss with the relevant team members. The bookkeeping is a weekly reoccurring task which for the most part consists of invoices and received sponsorships. For the latter you are in close contact with external relations and support them where necessary. You will also constantly try to predict the money flow in order to anticipate on risk and opportunities that will arise. You discuss issues with the management team for which you present clear overviews.


Al the logistics needed in order to participate in the race form a complex operation. You are responsible to get everything from the Netherlands to the destination at the right time. This includes people, the solar car, materials and tools and of course the so called “dangerous goods”. You have a lot of contact with external parties who will facilitate the transport and ensure a smooth transport process. You can also expect a number of other tasks preparing for the teams time at the location of the race (think about housing or arranging the convoy). However you will determine with the management team who will get which task, since the period at the destination is a shared responsibility.

In short, as secretary, Finance and Logistics you are the most flexible member of the management team with a set of responsibilities essential for a good result. Are you able to work precisely, good in analyzing multiple possible outcomes, work independently as well as in a team? Do you like to think about all types of management questions? Apply for this position!

Are you curious and do you want more information? Send an email to


Marketing & Communications Team

Content Marketeer

Are you up for the challenge to inspire, inform, and enthuse people on every aspect of Solar Team Twente with your team? As Content Marketeer of Solar Team Twente you are part of the Marketing & Communications Team. You form the team together with two account managers, a public relations officer, an events coordinator and the marketing & communications manager. Together you are responsible for all media outlets such as online content, press and also the organisation of inspiring events and maintaining great relations with partners.

As content marketeer, you are responsible for the main marketing outputs of the team. Think of social media, photography, videography, our website, and graphic design. You find new ways to share the story of the team, and you’re eager to let your creativity loose on building the team’s perfect public image. You love social media and publicity stunts, and enjoy inspiring other people with your story and getting them on board with you. Your goal is to further build our online community and professionalize the communication through our social media channels, advertising and the website. Do you love writing and designing? Then this position is a perfect fit as you are given the freedom to create all the content that you like! Think about vlogs, videos, infographics, graphic design and the artwork of our car! Your task is completed when as many people as possible have heard of and seen outlets of Solar Team Twente.

As Marketing and Content Specialist within the Marketing and Communication team you are responsible for creating, maintaining and optimizing social media campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, etc.). Together with the team you set up targets for this edition. Based on these targets, you set up the social media campaigns and strategy for the social media channels. To be able to target the correct group of people you work closely with the Accountmanager. Together you compose a content plan and you will create the inspiring content fitting to the different social media channels.

We are of course looking for someone who is passionate about content marketing. As you will work with a diverse and dynamic group of people, it is convenient if you are flexible and able to switch gears quickly. Taking initiative and carrying responsibility is important and you will have enough space to do this in. Besides this you are a true teamplayer, creative, and have a good grasp of the English and Dutch language. You are good at graphic design and you are familiar with, or like to learn how to work with programs like InDesign, Photoshop, illustrator and Adobe Premiere.

In short, are you the creative genius whose hands are itching to create inspiring (social media) content for a wide variety of people? Do you love making photos and videos? Then we’re looking for you!

Do you want extra information? Send an email to

Your team

Are you up for the challenge to inspire, inform and enthuse people on every aspect of Solar Team Twente with your team? As Accountmanager for Solar Team Twente you are part of the Marketing and Communication Team. You form the team together with two content marketeers. Together you are responsible for all media outlets such as online content, press and also the organization of awesome events and maintaining great relations with our partners. Your special focus is the acquisition of new partners!

 Your position

As Accountmanager for Solar Team Twente you have a wide scale of tasks to perform. You are responsible for the acquisition of new partners and maintaining the good relations with our existing partners. The leads which you generate allow you to enthuse possible partners and connect them to you and Solar Team Twente. You do this by calling, mailing and visiting potential partners. Together you work towards the targets as described in the Marketing and Communication plan. You assess the market, look at the partners we already have and set up a strategic account plan.

You are the primary contact for partners and responsible for accountmanagement. You represent the wishes of your partners in discussions with your team, as you know exactly what they wish for. You make sure to supply your colleagues in the Marketing & Communication Team with enough details about the specific wishes of your partners.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about the project, is a strong communicator, relationship-oriented and knows a little bit about negotiation tactics. You understand the relation between marketing and accountmanagement, you keep your head cool, are enthusiastic and you follow through on your plans. Presenting Solar Team Twente on location at a partner is not something you shy away from. We are looking for a true teamplayer who will go toa great lengths to achieve your targets.

Does this position sound like you, then you’re probably the one we’re looking for!

Are you curious, do you have any questions, or do you just want to know more about this position? Send an email to and your questions will be answered!

Technical Team


Do we have enough energy left in our batteries to accelerate or should we slowdown in case the weather turns out worse? Is it better to keep driving with our own strategy or should we stay close to the other competitors? How much more efficient should an electromotor be if it is 4% heavier than our current electromotor? As a race strategist you’ll be dealing with these kind of questions.

During the entire year you are working for that one moment: the race. You make lots of different models for the solar car in order to be able to predict the necessary power output for the solar car in different circumstances. You take a lot of different things into account: wind speeds and directions, solar irradiance, other competitors, steep hills and the surrounding environment. During the race it is your job to calculate the optimal speed for the solar car.

During the design phase you support the technical team in difficult decisions that influence the performance of the car, like the optimal positioning of the solar cells on the car, the optimal battery pack and the specifications of the electromotor.

After the car is built, you want to get as much information about the car as possible. You are responsible for several large tests, for example testing on a large banked circuit to determine the energy consumption of the solar car at high speeds or testing the solar panel to determine its power input for different weather conditions.

Before the race you are busy preparing everything for the race: strategic plans, internet coverage, different weather scenarios, the race convoy, optimal camping spots on the route and more. During the race you are in the rear escort vehicle constantly working on different scenarios and trying to determine the optimal race strategy.

Are you a strong analytical thinker, do you have strong communication skills? Do you like analyzing data and making models? Do you perhaps even have some meteorological affinity? Then race strategy is something for you!

Experience with programming (C++/Java/Python/MATLAB) is a prerequisite.

Are you interested in a position as race strategist and do you want to know more? Mail to and all your questions will be answered!


As a mechanic of Solar Team Twente, you are responsible for all parts which can move with respect to the structural part of the car. Among these parts are the suspension, rims with tires, the braking system, the steering system and the solar charging configuration.

You work together closely with all disciplines in the technical team. The available space for the mechanical parts depends on the aerodynamical properties of the car and all the mechanical parts must be attached to the internal structure of the car. You have to discuss a lot to accomplish this, for example how to transfer the forces of the mechanical forces to the structural parts. You are not only busy with the mechanics, but you also give thought to the aerodynamical shape and internal structure of the car.

Both practical knowledge and experience in using CAD-software, as well as theoretical knowledge about the necessary technical design and simulation calculations are a must for this position. You collaborate with a lot of companies during this project. These companies help you with both the optimization and manufacturing of the designed parts. The capability to communicate clearly and have both mechanical and dynamical knowledge are very important.

Are you curious about the position and do you want to know more? Send a mail to and all your questions will be answered!


Within Solar Team Twente the electrical engineers make sure that the car can drive and transform it from an electric car to a solar car. To do this you will build upon the electrical systems of previous teams, searching for new opportunities for improvement and implementing them. You will design new parts and improve the existing ones, all the while making sure they work well with the already existing systems. You don’t have to do this alone, there will be constant help from old team members and technical partners.

To make the best car we must be on the cutting edge of technology, which is why we design our own systems. However, as solar car races are marathons and not sprints, the systems all must be very reliable. You will have to find the balance between innovating and making sure that everything keeps working during the race.

The electrical system of the solar car can be split up into four sub systems: drivetrain, energy storage, solar panel and telemetry. While they are all extremely important, the car won’t work if these subsystems can’t communicate with each other. You will learn about the communication between these systems, but you will also learn to communicate with the other people designing these systems.

Solar Team Twente has always been one of the best teams in terms of electrical systems, for example with our self-developed SABINE system. Are you up for the challenge of keeping it that way? Are you ready to test your electrical knowledge in a fantastic project? Can you work precise but also fast? Can you work with a team but also independently? Then you are the person we are looking for! Depending on your function within the team you will learn working with software such as Altium or LabVIEW, communication protocols such as CAN, designing an efficient but also aerodynamic solar panel, testing your own electrical parts and much more. After a lot of work, you will get the most amazing reward: seeing the car you build yourself crossing the finish line, leaving all competition far behind!

Are you curious and want to know more? Mail to and all your questions will be answered!

R&D engineer

As an R&D Engineer of Solar Team Twente, you are responsible for the technical innovation of the solar car. Where traditionally engineering roles within Solar Team Twente are very focused on specific areas, an R&D Engineer tries to look at innovation with a broader scope.

You will be the driving factor behind technical innovation within the team. The innovative challenges can come from the mechanical, aerodynamic, electrical or structural fields. There is no single engineer that has all these competencies. So for this role we require a flexible and broadly interested engineer, who is able to start discussions with Solar Team experts in specific fields whenever this is required. You will enjoy a lot of freedom in this role, and it is an ideal role for a creative, fast-thinking and fast-moving engineer.

To thrive in this role you should be a hands-on, creative and practical engineer. A diverse interest and pracitcal engineering skills are a must for this position. You collaborate with a lot of companies, as well as discipline experts during this project. These companies and experts help you with both the optimization and manufacturing of the designed parts. The capability to communicate clearly and have a broad understanding and knowledge of engineering topics are very important.

Will you be able to put the theory from class to practice? Do you want to design on the edge of what is possible? Then this position fits you perfectly!

Are you curious about the position and do you want to know more? Send a mail to and all your questions will be answered!

Structural Design

As a structural designer, you are responsible for the design and construction of all the composite parts in the car, for example, the aeroshell and the internal load-carrying parts. These parts are made with the newest materials and techniques used in the composite world. So as a structural designer you will mostly work with fibre reinforced plastics, the material of the future.

Most disciplines within the technical team have an interface with the load-carrying structure of the car. For example, the available space and shape of the car are strongly influenced by the aerodynamic team. However, there has to be enough space for the suspension, the steering wheel and safety aspects like the roll bar and the driver’s safety box. So, next to designing composite parts, you’ll work together with the mechanical and aerodynamic team a lot.

Both practical knowledge and experience in the use of CAD-software as well as theoretical knowledge of the technical design and calculations are a must for this function. During the project, you often talk with specialists in the field from companies like the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) and Fokker (GKN Aerospace) who have a lot of knowledge in the field of composites and material science. Good communicative skills and knowledge of dynamics and mechanics are of great use too.

Do you get excited about working with the newest production processes and materials, and about designing the composite parts of the new solar car? Do you have knowledge about composites or would you like to gain experience in it? Do you want to work together with the biggest knowledge institutes and companies in this field? Than Structural Design is the function for you!

Has this sparked your curiosity or do you want to know more? You can email and all your questions will be answered!


Is Solar Team Twente a full-time job?

Yes, Solar Team Twente is a full-time endeavour. Your study will be on hold for 1 year. When team members work full-time, they have more opportunities to collaborate, communicate, and build relationships with each other. This consistent interaction allows team members to establish trust and dependability with one another, which ultimately leads to a stronger team bond.

Do I need to have a technical background in order to apply?

No, you don’t need a technical role to apply for Solar Team Twente. If you’re looking to join one of the engineering roles a technical background is required. However, Solar Team Twente also has many non-technical roles such as Team Leader, Account Manager, or Content Marketeer to name a few.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Of course, you can! Even open applications are possible. So if you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to apply for several positions at once.

Do I need to be in the bachelor or master phase to join the team?

It does not matter if you are a bachelor’s or master’s student when you join the team. This team will be an entirely new adventure regardless of your background or level of knowledge. Of course, any previous experience or knowledge is very valuable, but at Solar Team Twente we mostly pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and learn quickly. If you are a hard-working, adventurous and curious student, we want to talk to you!

Do I get paid to work at Solar Team Twente?

During your time with Solar Team Twente you do not receive an official salary. The University does compensate students for the costs they incur by putting their studies on hold during the year. A year of membership will not cost you more than a year of studying.

What will be the technical challenge if I choose a technical role?

During your time with the innovation team you’ll have the opportunity to introduce technical innovation which were previously not realizable. You will use the existing solar car as your starting point and use that car to design, develop, test and race the technologies that you will introduce to the team for the very first time.

Can I also apply to become a driver?

The drivers of the solar car are members of the team. They are selected by the team itself. Therefore, if you’re part of the team, you’re automatically eligible to become a driver!

I have other questions

Send a message to and we will answer your questions!