The Flying Dutchmen: first place for Solar Team Twente after the second day of racing
From beginning till the end, the second day of racing was  an exhilarating racing day.  Overtaking Delft and Michigan already in the first hour, we reached the first position. We were able to uphold this position until the end of the racing day. Red One reached a maximum of 103 km/h and an average speed of 91km/h.

From position 3 to 1 within an hour
We woke up in the outback with a clear blue sky. It’s 8.02 a.m. and Michigan passes us by. Three minutes later, and at 8.05 a.m. Delft passes our camp. 8:06 a.m.: Red One  leaves and a new day of racing starts! Within an hour, Red One overtook Delft and Michigan easily. Still, the race is thrilling. It as a neck-and-neck race between the three best teams._MG_6603_Jerome Wassenaar

Control Stop: a short break in the outback
The first control stop took place in Tennant Creek after 988 km of racing, the top 3 teams were stationed next to each other. Delft followed us closely and reached the control stop two minutes later. This is a first time having the best teams so close behind each other. The third racing day will certainly be thrilling!

There is a lot to do during a control stop: control stops  are compulsory, drivers are changed and the solar panel is directed to the sun. Maintenance during control stops  isn’t allowed. Additionally, all cars of the convoy need to be refuelled to make sure that no one will get stuck in the outback.

The Flying Dutchmen
We are very happy about our first day of racing. There is a lot of action and the best teams are still very close to each other, which activates our racing mentality even more. Red One drives  very stable. The organisation seems to be impressed about the speed that Red One reaches. We even got the nickname “The Flying Dutchmen”  and we as Solar Team Twente are very proud about that.

The third day of racing will start tomorrow. Don’t miss  out on our adventures, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We’ll keep you posted 24/7!

Header photo: Gijs Versteeg
Photo within text: Jérôme Wassenaar