Climate summit
In the beginning of December 2015 the climate summit took place in Paris. At this summit goals were formulated to work on a sustainable future. One of these goals for example is reducing CO2 emission. All over the world people are trying to contribute to this goal, everyone in their own way; our contribution is developing and building a solar powered car.

World Championship
With this solar car we will participate in the World Solar Challenge 2017 in Australia; the world championship in solar car racing. The goal of the race is to complete the distance from Darwin to Adelaide, a distance of over 3000 kilometers, as fast as possible. This is what challenges us each edition, extending the frontiers of technology, to build an innovative solar car.

The car of tomorrow
We believe that solar powered cars are the cars of the future! It is our biggest dream that one day everyone will drive a solar car, for which we have provided the technological foundation. Each edition the participating solar cars in the World Solar Challenge are beginning to look more and more like the car of tomorrow. For example, in 2013 the solar cars were equipped with four wheels instead of three. But over the last years, the solar cars have become faster as well. Red One, the car of Solar Team Twente 2015, was able of achieving a maximum speed of 130 kilometers an hour. Each edition the regulations of the competition change, challenging us to push back the boundaries of technology even further. The last important adaptations were announced in June 2016. The size of the allowed space for solar cells on the solar panel was sized down from 6m2 to 4m2. At the same time the cars are allowed to be bigger. This gives team 2017 the chance to innovate more in designing the solar car, making our solar car even more efficient!