Company Description

Thales Nederland is active in the development and production of defense systems for navy ships, ranging from patrol vessels to giant supply vessels. The product portfolio of Thales-NL contains search radars, fire control systems and so-called ‘combat management systems’. Thales-NL also develops and produces electro-optical equipment and communication systems, both for military use. Thales-NL was founded in 1922 and provides highly specialized work to 2000 employees.

The large high-tech value of the solar car project really appeals to us as a quality technical company. Seeing how groundbreaking projects of educational institutions are central in the sponsorship policy of the entire Thales group, we heartily support this regional initiative.

Solar Team Twente can call on the technical knowledge and experience of some of our employees. Besides, Thales-NL provides assistance with the entire organization of the project.