M.M.E. Technology

Company Description

Management, Manufacturing and Engineering (MME) stands for a thorough approach of integral and individual machine and module building that is not adapted to certain branches. MME is an advanced company in Wierden that includes various disciplines regarding design and production, constructions, materials, control and assembly. Controls are used for hydraulic, electric and pneumatic systems and services. Starting point is a quality insight of which special components are available. From that knowledge, we create bespoke solutions, within various branches of industrial activity. MME sees the desires and requirements of her clients as a challenge. The same goes for technical problems. We stand for the best possible solution. Using all our knowledge, abilities and experience, but mostly with enthusiasm and involvement too.

MME and Solar Team Twente machine the core material of the ribs together. This material is used in the structure, giving the car the required strength and stiffness.  These ribs return as large plates to MME where they are machined to the right size.