Demcon Advanced Mechatronics

Company Description

DEMCON realizes mechatronic systems and products within the focus areas high-tech systems and medical devices. The core activities are in the development and production areas. With its mechatronic design philosophy, DEMCON generates quality solutions for complex issues.

Mechatronics is a technical discipline that arises through the synergy of mechanical and electrical engineering and control theory, among other things. DEMCON possesses all these disciplines. Intensive collaboration between highly educated multidisciplinary teams and the client leads to the development and production of innovative solutions.

As systems supplier, DEMCON supplies leading OEM’s as ASML, with advanced systems. For smaller and medium size companies, including Bronkhorst High-Tech and Mapper, DEMCON is the designated partner for introduction of innovative products in new and existing markets.

DEMCON possesses all necessary disciplines to be able to provide complete mechatronic solutions – be it mechanical, electrical and software or industrial design, prototyping and production. Through integration of all these disciplines and a strong focus on manageability, is DEMCON able to make complex projects into a success. The mechatronic systems engineer is the key to the phased project approach that is characterized by strong analytical capacities, creative thinking and pragmatic acting: Analyze. Create. Achieve.

Starting point at DEMCON is the idea that manageability is crucial in the success of complex projects. This realization is translated into a phased project approach, which bundles proven methodologies and models and our own practical experience. The basis of this approach is in intensive collaboration and communication with clients, which makes expectations at the start of the project clear and, through continuous feedback about the project status, stays clear.

DEMCON distinguishes itself through providing both development and production of mechatronic systems and have both processes seamlessly tuned to each other. To this end, prototyping & production engineers are involved in the development process early on. They ensure that a design is tuned to the production, which means that it can be realized in a short period of time. This combination of content and project management at DEMCON quickly and efficiently leads to the best solution.